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Dr Robert Watkins - August 16, 2021

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The Church is Closed! That was the message spreading throughout our communities because the world had been taken over by a virus called COVID-19. COVID-19 has literally put the world on hold and has transitioned how we do everything from how we work, to education, and yes, even attend church!  Every area of society had no other choice but to adapt to this “New Normal” because only the things that were considered essential, like grocery stores and doctors’ offices remained open. This included Houses of Worship. But let’s be clear, the church is NOT closed; that’s because we the body of believers ARE the church! Unfortunately, ministries that did not actively incorporate  technology into their worship had to shut their buildings down because they found themselves without a plan for conducting virtual worship. Today, there is no doubt that technology should be an essential component of every ministry, which is why the church must  ReStructure!


This will be one of the most important
technology summits for ministries in 2021!

Restructure Tech Summit

This will be one of the most important technology summits for ministries in 2021! ReStructure Tech Summit is virtual experience purposed to assist ministries, ministry leaders and businesses to ReStructure during this critical time for the “church” and world. This summit will answer the questions Why and How to Advance the Kingdom by way of Technology.

We have connected with expert speakers who will cover important content. After this summit, you will build a better online community, overcome giving challenges and have a clear vision on how to move forward online.

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